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Trekking and Mountaineering in Peru

Trekking Santa Cruz & Climbing Nevado Pisco (5752 m)

One of the most popular treks in the Cordillera Blanca, the hike around this subtropical mountain range passes through impressive landscapes of uncommonly beautiful mountains, frequent lakes and glaciers. The camps are some of the most spectacular in the world.

Trekking Cedros Alpamayo & Huascaran + Climbing Nevado Vallunaraju (5686 m)

The Cordillera Blanca (White Range) is the largest and most popular mountain range in Peru, with 31 peaks more than 6,000 meters high, and more than half of the 6000 meter peaks in all of Peru.

Trekking Quebrada Quilcayhuanca & Climbing Nevado Ishinca (5530 m)

A great short hike in a beautiful valley, far from other tourist routes. This tour is ideal for acclimatization for the next climb and is also appropriate for families or for those who are looking for an easy trip involving an excursion or camping, but who still want to experience the magnificent mountain landscapes of northern Peru.

Trekking Huayhuash Climb Diablo Mudo (5350 m) & Climbing Nevado Vallunaraju (5686 m)

The Huayhuash Range is the second highest tropical mountain chain in the world, after the Cordillera Blanca (White Range), immediately to the north.

Trekking Huayhuash Climb Diablo Mudo (5350 m) & Climbing NevadoTocllaraju (6034 m)

We will hike through a beautiful valley of the Cordillera Blanca, which includes the best attractions of the central Andes in Peru. In our expedition to the Ishinca Valley, we will climb three mountains, which, while close to one another, possess different characteristics from the perspective of technique and aesthetics.