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Juventino's Family Home - Lodging & Mountaineering

Trekking Huayhuash
Juventino's Family Home - Lodging & Mountaineering
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Pioneers of the Andes - Adventure Travel Agency Quality Tour Operator in Huaraz, Peru.

Our home: We invite you to make our community tourism in Unchus Town, located 5 kilometers from the city of Huaraz, east of the Cordillera Blanca, 20 minutes from the city, our purpose is to improve living conditions and maintain the appearance culture as an activity.

About Accommodation / our house

We have a very comfortable house with private rooms and shareable, where we are located also is possibility to doing camps and campfires and you can practice the sport of walking like going to Lake Churup a day hike, go to town of Marian, village walks in combination Wilcahuain Cultural and mountain biking. Things to do or practice with the native farmers of this village, agriculture, harvest potatoes, corn, wheat, Oca potato of the incas and quinoa etc.

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About Us

Juventino Albino Caldua: professional mountain guide and in the off season months where not many tourists or visitors to the White Mountains in the Cordillera Blanca, He works to conducting his activities as a farmer's field. Dina Lliuya Reyes: Juventino's Wife, she is a very typical woman from Unchus people with very traditional dress of the region where it belongs, speaks the native language is their native language Quechua.

Native Language: The Quechua and official Language Spanish